Swimming Pool Solar Panels (Buying Guide 2020)

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Heating an outdoor swimming pool is getting easier each year. In the past, most people had to wait until summertime to enjoy the pool but today we have a wide range of products that can make swimming at home a year-round activity.

Swimming Pool Solar Panels

This article will show cheap and effective ways of using solar panels to keep your pool warm for all the seasons.

Swimming pool solar panels have zero running costs and can raise the water temperature by up to 20° depending on which state or country you live in.

Some models require ample roof space and an intricate installation process. This article, however, will focus on reviewing five swimming pool heaters that can be DIY projects. They don’t break the bank and can let you start swimming one month earlier in your outdoor pool.

Inground – Above Ground Solar Energy Swimming Pool Heater Panel

Inground-Above Ground Solar Energy Swimming Pool Heater

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This budget-friendly pool heater panel is compatible with a wide variety of popular swimming pool pumps. This means you won’t need to make substantial additional investments to have your system up and running.

The installation process is easy, and it can be a DIY project as long as you follow the instruction manual. The temperature will vary depending on state and time of year. As an average, this solar-powered swimming pool heater can raise the water temperature by 10 to 15 degrees.

This means you can extend your swimming season by at least one month. The one downside? The entire setup is very space consuming even for smaller swimming pools. However, the cost and fast heating process should definitely outweigh this.

SunQuest Solar Swimming Pool Heater

Sunquest Solar Swimming Pool Heater

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SunQuest offers solar-powered swimming pool heaters in a variety of sizes. They are easy to install even for those without much of a technical background.

There is however one small catch. For the average pool size, the solar panels will take up a lot of roof space. This means that if you already own a large solar panel array it can be difficult to fit the SunQuest solar swimming pool heater into your setup.

Raising the water temperature is rather quick; it takes less than an hour from starting the solar heater. This is due to the power output and the MAX-FLO design which allows for more efficient water circulation.

Another benefit of the SunQuest solar swimming pool heater is that it can also be used on indoor swimming pools. However, this will require a customized loop, so you might need professional installation.

SmartPool Universal Swimming Pool Solar Heating System

SmartPool Universal Swimming Pool Solar Heating System

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SmartPool’s solar pool heater design consists of two 2×20 foot panels. It takes up plenty of roof space, but it does have an easy installation process, so it can be used for both indoor and outdoor swimming pools.

In terms of raw power, this heating system is capable of raising the water temperature by 6-10°. While there are systems that are a bit more efficient in this regard, they usually aren’t as easy to mount.

The web-styled tube system is optimized for maximum flow and heat consistency. It’s also one of the reasons why the SmartPool Universal solar heating system is a bit pricier than others on the market. That being said, the temperature doesn’t drop as quickly as it happens with most other models.

If you have room for two 2×20 foot panels, SmartPool offers you a great alternative to indoor and outdoor swimming pool heating. It costs nothing more than the initial investment and it comes with all the tools and accessories you need for a DIY installation.

Sungrabber Solar Pool Heater for Above Ground Pools

Sunsolar Solar Pool Heater

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This swimming pool heater is specialized for above ground pools. The pool water is circulated through the panels and is heated by the solar energy to warm the water as it flows back into the pool. if you’re looking for efficiency, size matters. Sungrabber’s swimming pool heater is compatible with most pool pumps. This can save you a lot of money on the heating loop.

To get the most out of these solar panels, the panel’s square footage should be at least equal to 50% of the pools surface area.

Sungrabber’s solar pool heater takes about one hour to raise the water temperature by a minimum of 10°. Given that you don’t have many obstructions in your yard, you should have no problem hosting a pool party early in the season.

The system comes with easy to follow instructions for a simple do-it-yourself project along with all the accessories you need to set up your above pool heating system.

Roof Mountable Solar Pool Heater Panel

Roof Mountable Solar Pool Heater Panel

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Sungrabber roof mounted panels tend to be large and this one is no exception. However, size matters with swimming pool heaters. If you’re looking for an option to quickly raise water temperature levels, Sungraber solar pool heaters are as efficient as they get.

The increased heating speed is due to the increased number of tubes per panel. The extra tube count and the simple installation process make this solar pool heater a very nice alternative to traditional swimming pool heating methods.

This product is also quite budget friendly. Despite the fact that it takes up plenty of roof space to heat small to medium-sized outdoor pools, the small investment makes it very attractive to users. You might also enjoy it if you already have a swimming pool pump due to the Sungrabber solar heater’s compatibility with most brands.


As you can see, solar powered swimming pool heaters come in plenty of options. Some of the arrays are bigger than others. Others may be smaller, but they might require professional installation.

Either way, swimming pool solar panels can extend your swimming season by a couple of months. Most of them are compatible with standard swimming pool pumps, so they don’t need additional investments. What’s even better is that there’s no cheaper alternative when it comes to running costs and maintenance.

If you’re looking for the best balance between size, heating speed, consistency, and price, then the SunQuest swimming pool heaters would be the ones for you. They’re on par with high-end solar heaters in terms of water circulation and provide enough temperature consistency for the money.

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