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Why You Should Line Drawers With Aluminum – 8 Benefits

Why you should line drawers with aluminum foil - 8 nifty benefits to help keeping them clean. Save time and money with clean drawers and shelves as well.

Listen up kitchen dwellers, here are eight benefits to using aluminum foil to line your kitchen drawers and shelves.

1 Easy to Clean

Spills, watermarks, and icky stuff are easily wiped away with a sponge or cloth. However, if the icky gets too sticky, it’s an easy-n-quick fix to replace the foil.

2 Cheaper than store bought shelf liners

Aluminum is the better choice as a shelf/drawer liner because it’s cheap. Also, be careful with store bought liners if they use glue or stickum paper. Those liners will make a mess of your shelves and drawers. When it comes time to replace you may have to scrape that stubborn glue ending up scratching the bottom of the drawer or shelf.

3 Brighten up the drawer

The shiny foil will brighten the drawer, especially when the kitchen light hits it.

4 Protects against watermarks and rings in wooden drawers

Wooden shelves and cabinets can be easily damaged by water causing discoloring, warping, and rot on the wood. The aluminum liner will prevent all this.

It also protects against rings from dishes and cups that have not been completely dried and those nasty, sticky rings from the bottoms of the jars of delicious syrups, jams, ketchup, mustard, and BBQ sauce that we love so much.

5 Eco friendly

Aluminum liners are environmental friendly because they are completely recyclable, the aluminum material can be used over and over again.

6 Versatile use in many places

In addition, it’s a good way to keep other drawers found in the home like in the bathroom, bedroom, basement, garage, or attic spiffy clean as well.

7 Cover dirty drawers-best for rentals

Use it to cover over already hard-to-clean stains or sticky-goo that won’t come clean and it’s not worth it to replace the drawer. This is most likely when you’re in a rental.

8 Helps keep small items easy to find

If you’re like me, my drawers have a lot more than the silverware, there are some small kitchen tools, caps, plugs, and other small things that can easily get lost. 

But with that shiny aluminum, they become exposed and are easy to find without having to dig around in a shelf like a dog digging for a bone in the backyard. 

Well maybe not the best analogy, but I think you get the point.

dog with bone

The Takeaway

The simple idea of lining drawers with aluminum foil will not only protect the drawers from spills and stains, but will make it easy to clean by either wiping the aluminum or replacing the foil if the mess is too stubborn to clean.

There’s also an environmental benefit of using foil liners. They are completely recyclable, the aluminum material can be used over and over again.

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