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Home Robots

Dream about bird watching, having spaghetti for breakfast without worrying about household chores. Let the home robot do the cleaning and lawn mowing. Let the mechanical genius keep you up to date with the latest news and sports scores as well as the latest movies. Home Robots are here for your comfort. So sit back, relax, and dream on for the rest of the day.

Robot Housekeeper Buying Guide

Robot Housekeeper Buying Guide 2019

Set yourself up with an army of robotic housekeepers to do the mundane chores... Read More

Best Home Robot Choices

Best Home Robot Choices 2019

The future is fast approaching. A friendly robot face with a friendly voice is here to help you... Read More

Home Elevators

Imagine riding up in a glass elevator in your home – check! Imagine how nifty, comfortable and convenient a lift would be if you’re in a wheelchair or unable to walk upstairs – check! With an elevator in your home, your days will become fabulous – check!


Imagine the above riding an escalator, a bit pricier with unique benefits – check!

10 Awesome Small Elevators for the Home

10 Awesome Small Elevators for the Home

A selection of elevators to help you go up and come down in a style that is safe and sound... Read More

Outside Elevator for Home Buying Guide

Outside Elevator for Home Buying Guide 2019

A classy increase in property value and a quick way to go from an upper floor to out the door... 
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Home Escalator Buying Guide

Home Escalator Buying Guide for 2019

The best thing for folks with bad knees, and an easy way to move furniture between floors...
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Home Joy


Kids Outdoor Playsets

An adventure world for kids to play in the great outdoors of the backyard. These sets will keep your kids and their friends close to home where they can create and discover ways to have fun. What a better place to let them learn to thrive and grow from the days they played in the backyard.

Coming soon

Hi there. We're burning some midnight oil here to bring some great ways for your kids to enjoy the wonderful outdoors of the backyard.

Green Home

Please stay tuned.

Hoping to get some things up here sometime in June. It will be fun!\(*<>*)/

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