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Coredy Smart Robot R750 Vacuum Mopper and Sweeper Review

The Coredy Smart Robot R750 Vacuum Mopper and Sweeper is among the highest-rated home robot cleaners. Is it worth buying? Here's an in-depth review of the R750
Coredy Smart Robot R750 Vacuum Mopper and Sweeper

The Coredy Smart Robot R750 Vacuum Mopper and Sweeper #amazon ad is a super-thin, only 2.7 inch, vacuum that can clean a hard floor and then move seamlessly on to carpets where it will automatically increase suction up to 2000Pa.

When you open the lid of the box, you’ll see printed in very large print on the inside of the lid of the box a “Quick Start Guide” showing five clear and easy-to-follow steps to get this robot up-and-running along with contact information for customer service.

Once you’re all set up, this lean, mean dust and crumb fighting robot vacuum machine will take ownership of your home’s hard-floors, sucking up the finest particles of dirt along with beach sand, popcorn kernels and those long-ago dropped peanut shells.

It’s a pet-owner’s dream when it comes to some medium-pile carpets with fringes. It will roll over and onto the carpet, increasing its suction to suck out any and all pet hairs along with dirt and dust. Note: the cat and dog may want to move, so it can clean their favorite sleeping spots.

With a water tank in place of the normal dirt bin holder, you’ll be able to give your floors a nice wipe-up of those areas that get a lot of foot traffic.

Two sturdy, durable driving wheels move this smart robot on its path to cleaning. The universal wheel between the two Side Brushes allows this vacuum robot to bounce back, turn, pivot, and move in any horizontal direction, to get at every corner of the room for cleaning. The wheels also allow the robot to roll onto carpets as well as move around on carpets.

Towards the back end is the Main Brush with a Brush Guard. The brush is made so that it will pick up fine dirt, large particles, cat and dog hairs without the hairs getting tangled in the brush. All of this is dumped into a 500 ml (16.9 oz) dust bin that can be easily removed, cleaned, and slid back into place.

One nifty-cool feature is that the Coredy Smart Robot has built in Smart Protection that will prevent the robot from plunging down stairs and falling off edges. This anti-collision technology also helps evading obstacles. It’s fun to watch.

VIDEO: Robot Refusing to Vacuum Stairs

The box includes
1x R750 Robot Vacuum Cleaner
2x 6.6ft, Boundary Strips
1x Water tank
1x Cleaning mop cloth
4 x Side Brushes
1x Extra HEPA Filter
1x Remote Control (2AAA Batteries Included)
1x Cleaning Brush
1x Charging Dock
1x AC Adapter
1x User Manual
1x App Install Manual

Let’s dive more into this review and discover more about this amazing home floor-cleaning robot machine.

Floor Types and Carpets

The Coredy robot is intended for sealed floors like:

  • Hardwood floors
  • Tile and Ceramic Tile
  • Linoleum
  • Marble and Marble floors with granite drops
  • Vinyl and Vinyl Laminate
  • Laminated

Some reviewers have mentioned that the R750 moves right onto a rug with fringes. In addition, some folks have had success with the robot vacuuming a high-pile carpet.
Note: May not work with dark carpets, especially some high-pile carpets.

VIDEO: Vacuuming Unsecured Rug and Thick Carpet

VIDEO: Vacuuming a Regular Carpeted Room

MAX Cleaning Suction Control

The vacuum starts cleaning at 800Pa, the default setting. However, pressing the “MAX” button on the remote will boost the suction to 2000Pa.

NOTE: How strong is 2000Pa? The Coredy R750 has enough suction to pick up AA batteries off the floor. That’s a lot of suction power!

Support Boost Intellect Technology

When the robot vacuum rolls on to a carpet it will automatically increase suction to 1200Pa. Once it rolls off the carpet, it goes back to normal suction, 800Pa.

Flexible Cleaning Options

The Coredy R750 has five options for cleaning your entire home. If at anytime the battery gets low during a cleaning cycle it will return to the Charging Dock to get recharged.
Note: There is no memory with this model. It will not pickup where it left off after being recharged.

The flexible cleaning options are:

1-Auto Cleaning

The robot will clean the floors in a random pattern until the floor is thoroughly cleaned.

VIDEO: Auto Mode Cleaning Around Chairs

From time-to-time it will touch up around the edges of chair legs and other furniture as well as clean the edges of the room.

It will continue to clean until the entire part of your home is cleaned at which point the good robot will return to the Charging Dock. However, if the battery gets low before the complete cleaning is done, it will return to the Charging Dock for recharging.

VIDEO: Returning to the Charging Dock

2-Spot Cleaning

When Spot Cleaning in selected the Coredy Robot will seriously clean a localized area by spiraling outward to about 3 feet (1 meter) diameter circle and then spiral inward to where it started. The robot will also boost the vacuum power when Spot Cleaning creating more suction and a deeper cleaning of that localized area.

VIDEO: Spot Cleaning

3-Edge Cleaning

Once the open floor spaces have been cleaned the smart little robot uses Edge Clean to get at those hard-to-clean edges under the counters, in the corners and around the furniture legs. You have the option to start a quicker edge cleaning by pressing the “Edge” button on the Remote Control.

VIDEO: Edge Cleaning

4-Single Room Cleaning

This is a nice option if you want a quick clean for a specific room or you have a small room. If there’s room for the robot to move around in your bathroom it can clean there too.

The R750 robot will work vacuuming a single room and stop after 30 minutes. The robot will clean the room in a random path. Pressing the little ‘House” button on the Remote Control will start the Single Room Cleaning.

IMPORTANT: Make sure the doors are closed so you ensure that this robot does wander off into another room.

VIDEO: Cleaning in a Random Pattern

5-Manual Cleaning

Finally, the robot can clean a specific area by using the directional buttons on the remote control.

  • Move forward
  • Move backward
  • Turn left
  • Turn right

Using Boundary Strips

If there are any places where you don’t want the Coredy R750 to go you can use boundary strips.

Measure the area you want to create a boundary around, cut the strips to create the boundary. When the smart robot comes to the boundary strip it will turn away and head in another direction. It will continue to head in a different direction every time it comes to a boundary strip until the cleaning cycle is finished.

Use the boundary strip to keep the robot off a special carpet, away from multi outlet extension cords, easy-to-tip-over stands, and the stairs of an outdoor balcony or patio and anyplace else you want to keep out-of-bounds for Coredy.

VIDEO: Boundary Strips Block Off Areas

Intelligent Robot Mop Cleaning System

Coredy R750 has the ability to do either wet or dry mopping with the included washable and reusable microfiber cloth. The mop cloth can last from 3 to 6 months before changing or when it looks visibly worn. They can be either hand or machined washed.

The .3 L (10 oz) water tanks take the place of the dust bin.

The mopping feature is optimized for regular dirt and dirty shoe or paw prints. It’s not designed for heavy spills or dog saliva or pet accidents, ie., missing the toilet time.

The mopping system has an intelligent electronic-controlled water pump, that automatically controls the water flow to start and stop during the mopping cycle. It automatically monitors the water level control by sensing the dryness and humidity of the floor without spillage.

Four Mop Cleaning Modes

The four mop cleaning modes work in a similar fashion as the vacuum modes. Both the remote and Coredy Robot App can select the desired cleaning mode to help you get the most optimal mop cleaning for your home.

  1. Auto (default): can mop 150² sq. m. (1615 sq. ft.)
  2. Random: Mops in a back-and-forth random path.
  3. Spot: works in an outward circular motion to about a 3 ft diameter and then circles back in.
  4. Edge: Focuses on cleaning the edges of a room.

VIDEO: Mop-Spot Cleaning

Mopping Level Selection

The Coredy Robot App, not the Remote Controller, allows you to select the water flow levels for mopping in the Auto Mode:
Low – Runtime of 150 mins
Medium – Runtime of 120 mins
High – Runtime of 90 mins

Note: If you want to dry sweep/mop the floor don’t fill the water tank.

When mop cleaning the robot will not be able to detect nor avoid carpets. It’s best to use the Boundary Strips to prevent the robot from mopping the carpets.

Some reviewers mention if you want to mix in some floor cleaner, it’s best to dilute way down so the mop will not leave any streaks. Also, it’s important that the water tank is thoroughly cleaned when using any kind of cleaning solution. Other users recommend using only warm water.

There’s a snap on/off plug at the bottom of the water tank that makes it easy to empty the remaining water when done mopping. The tank can be easily filled from any kitchen faucet.

Coredy Robot App and Voice Control Integration

The Coredy Robot App can be downloaded from either the App Store (iOS deices) or Google Play (Android devices).

IMPORTANT: Before downloading the App, please check the following:

The smartphone is only supported on a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi Network. The App will not work on 5G Networks.

Smartphone or tablet is running iOS 8.0 or higher. Android 4.4 or higher.

Once connected can use Alexa and Google Assistant.

Using Alexa

Alexa has the following simple commands.
“Alexa, turn on Coredy R750”
“Alexa, turn off Coredy R750”

If you have two or more Coredy robots you can edit the name of each robot in either the Coredy App or Alexa, they’re Synchronous.

VIDEO: Using Voice Commands with Alexa

Using Google Assistant

“OK Google, turn on Coredy R750”
“OK Google, turn off Coredy R750”
“OK Google, find Coredy R750”
“Ok Google, go home Coredy R750”

Schedule Cleaning Time

Schedule Cleaning from the Coredy Robot App allows you to
• Set the time and customize the cleaning schedules to start on any day from Sunday to Saturday or any day of the week.
• Scheduling accuracy is -/+ 30 seconds. (Note: this function is only available in the App only.)

Schedule Cleaning from the Remote Control:
Scheduling with the remote control, you can only set the robot to clean at a specified time.
• You have to make sure your time is set to the correct local time
• Set the correct AM/PM
• The schedule accuracy is every 15-minutes
• You need to make sure the remote is near the robot when setting the clock or schedule.

Monitor Real-Time Cleaning

Then you can monitor and get the status of your vacuum robot in real cleaning time in your home using the App.

View Accessories Lifetime

When you open the Accessories Screen you’ll see the life of the following in percent:

Edge brushes
Roll brush
HEPA filter

Checking this from time to time will help you know when it’s time to change, clean, or replace an accessory.

The Coredy App also shows the exact numerical percentage of battery life.

Controller Type

Remote with 2 AAA Batteries.

Replaceable Battery and Charging/Run Time

Only the Coredy Robot App shows a picture of the battery on the mobile device. This feature is not in the Remote Control.

Smartbooster: 80 minutes
Quite mode: 2 hours
Max mode: 60 minutes

High Capacity Battery

The 32000mAh lithium ion battery cleans up to 120 min after each charge.The life is extended when the robot is always kept in the Charger when not in use. Power consumption is about 28 W.

The battery can be replaced by contacting the Coredy shop.

Charging Time can be around 300 to 360 minutes.

Low Noise

The decibels run from 45dB, equivalent to a stream or refrigerator humming, to 65dB, equivalent to laughter.

Features Table

Summary of essential features of the R750 Coredy Smart Robet

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List item


  • Does an excellent job cleaning hardwood floors and carpets.
  • In some cases can move onto 4-inch rug with fringes without getting jammed.
  • Thin, only 2.7 in. high, able to go under more places than other brands.
  • Easy set up: 5 steps shown on the inside cover of the package.
  • Has two side brushes in the front (right and left) versus other robot cleaners. Plus they are easy to install, snapping into place versus other cleaners that use screw-on brushes. Also comes with an extra pair in the box.
  • Will increase in vacuum power when going from hardwood floor to carpet and automatically back to lower power when moving back to hardwood floor.
  • Super, easy-to-remove/return dust bin for quick emptying and easy cleaning.
  • There’s a separate access to the HEPA filter, making it easy to clean or replace. Also comes with an extra HEPA filter.
  • It’s quiet.
  • Has Wi-Fi built in, uses 2.4GHz Network, to allow Android or iOS devices to control the robot rather than the Remote Control.
  • With the Wi-Fi Coredy Robot App, Voice commands can be used with Alexa or Google Assistant.
  • Use the Coredy Robot App to receive feedback, like when the vacuum gets stuck.
  • Easy to use Remote Control (with 2 AAA batteries included) in lieu of the Coredy Robot App. Note, it will not have all the extra features noted above.
  • Avoidance Intelligence knowing it’s better to avoid vacuuming stairs. In addition, once it bumps into something it will return to get closer for cleaning.
  • Easy to attach mop cloth using Velcro and loops that hook securely to each side of the water bin.
  • There’s a troubleshooting guide on the bottom of the dust bin with codes to help troubleshoot major problems.
  • Cleaning brush to easily remove hair from vacuum brush.


  • The dust bin may be to small for large dust-filled rooms with lots of pet hairs.
  • Coredy Robot App only works with 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi, will not work with 5 Ghz. (note: this could change with a future software update)
  • Alexa has only two commands, and Google Assistant has four. There’s no ‘directional commands’ nor ‘cleaning commands’ like, “Alexa, edge clean robot.”
  • No battery indicator with Remote Control, need to use the Coredy Robot App.
  • The App will not track where it has cleaned – there is no mapping with the R750.
  • Can get trapped in small areas like toilets and closets.
  • The mopping is not designed for spills, nor large clumps of dirt or goo.
  • Some pet hairs may get so tangled in the cleaning brush they have to be cut out.

Consumer Ratings

The Coredy Smart Robot has continuously gotten high reviews for its ability to clean a variety of hard floors and carpets. Most pet owners are impressed how well the robot cleans the floor and carpets of pet hairs without getting the hairs tangled. In the even the hairs did get tangled the comb accessory easily cleans the brush.

The mopping is not as good as hand mopping. It’s more for adding an extra bit of cleanliness.

My Overall Review of the Coredy Smart Robot R750

The sturdiness of this robot as well as it’s integration with the Coredy Robot App make this smart robot the go-to cleaner of a home.

The price is competitive to other models. The price is cheaper than the price offered at the manufacture’s site.

This model would be a good fit for an apartment, small or large home that has a mix of hard floors and carpets. It would not be good if you have thick-pile carpets that are dark.

It’s a nice feature having the “Quick Start Guide” on the inside of the box cover. If you can trust that it’s doing it’s job with it’s random movements then you will not be disappointed. However, this model will not map out the rooms.

Connecting the robot to the Coredy Robot App adds more monitoring features, like battery life, accessory life, as well as connecting to Alexa and Google Assistant. However, it’s not essential. The Remote Control allows you to select the cleaning mode, schedule, select mopping level, start/stop, mop/vacuum cleaning, control direction (eg. right, left), and select select MAX suction power.

And finally, it’s easy to keep this robot running at peak performance following the Regular Robot Care outlined in the manual.

Oh, one more thing. If you are interested, here’s a link to a selection of housekeeping robots that help you do more household chores.

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